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How do backup agents COST your business?
  • Infrastructure incompatibility
  • Compromised security
  • Ongoing agent updates
  • Complex data backup and recovery management
  • Expensive upgrades and license fees
How does agentless backup help SMBs?
  • Seamless integration on any platform Hardcoded security
  • Simple multi-site backup and recovery management
  • Zero-touch upgrades
  • Flexible, affordable multi-site licenses
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Backup agents add complexity to your infrastructure that's hard to manage—and costly to your business. In fact, every backup agent that you install on your hardware comes with support costs,
management requirements and licensing fees. And some backup agents come with known security weaknesses that can put your data and your business at risk.

Multi-site backup and recovery doesn't need to be this complicated. Download this white paper to learn why—and explore an agentless solution for simple, reliable and affordable multi-site backup that scales on demand and protects with multiple layers of security.

How do you know if agentless backup is the right choice for your business? Read the white paper to learn how it works—and get the information you need now to evaluate this approach for
your business.

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Agentless Architecture:
Agentless Backup Is Not a Myth